At the following link you can see some Graphic Design samples from the days I worked mostly for the printing industry. They include logos, brochures, Corporate Design Manuals & Styleguides, full-color magazines, brochures, and all kinds of stationery material.

Graphic Design Samples

You'll notice that on that page I added some of my latest Graphic Design assignments, but the reality is that about 99% of the work I do these days is related to Web Design & Development, and more specifically to WordPress and WooCommerce, as you can see further below.

Portfolio of WordPress websites

Singapore's Institute of Technical Education | Web Design & Drupal Development
John de Lancie | Web Design & WordPress Development
Central Monterrico | Web Design & WordPress Development
Bigfoot Rentals | Web Design & osCommerce Development
Alien Voices | Web Design & WordPress Development
Seattle Real Estate | Web Development, IDX integration
BigFoot Entertainment's Movie Distribution On-Line System | Web Development & Excel integration with ASP.NET
proCreative | Web Design & Web Development
International Academy of Film and Television - LA Acting WorkShops | Web Development & integration PayPal modules
Smart Business Capital | Web Design & WordPress Genesis Development
Ovunque Sei | Web Design & WordPress Development
Used Boat Gear | Web Design & WordPress Classifieds Development
Bishopric of the Forces | Web Design, PSD to WordPress
Stratum Five | Web Design & WordPress Development
Maritime Surveyors | Web Design & WordPress Thesis Development
1001 Webs | Web Design & Web Development
The Mortgage Gal | Web Design & WordPress Development
International Academy of Film and Television | Joomla! Development
Mi Apuesta | Web Design, Flash Design, Spanish Website Localization
70 Latidos del Corazón - Responsive Static HTML (Bootstrap)
Compendio Angélico - Responsive Static HTML (Bootstrap)
El Comandante de Isla Culebra - Responsive Static HTML (Bootstrap)
Alumbra mi Caminar - Responsive Static HTML (Bootstrap
Unidad de Ozono-Terapia Intradiscal - Responsive Static HTML
Centro Quiropráctico Thomsen - Responsive Static HTML
QUBE Art Gallery | Web Design & WordPress Development
loneCALL | Web Design & WordPress Development
Terry Wong | Web Design & WordPress Development, Chinese Website Localization
AIM Energy Pros | Web Design & WordPress Development
Accessible Web | Accessible Web Design & WordPress Development

More websites from my early days can be found at:
And a Portfolio of WordPress Samples at: